BoM helpers#

This section provides an introduction to the BoM Helpers. These represent a BoM (bill of materials) in Ansys Granta MI 2301 XML BoM format, and support reading and writing these files.

The BillOfMaterials represents the root object in a BoM hierarchy, and can be used to programmatically generate a BoM.

To aid in manipulation of these objects, builders have been provided for Granta MI object references. These assist in the correct formation of these reference objects, depending on how you need to refer to these entities.

Serialization and Deserialization of BoM objects can be performed using the BoMHandler. This exposes methods to read a BoM from a string or a file, and to write to a string or a file. The resulting BoM can be passed to either a Sustainability or a Compliance query.