Impacted substances#

class ImpactedSubstance(reference_type, reference_value, max_percentage_amount_in_material, legislation_threshold)#

Represents a substance impacted by a legislation.

This object includes two categories of attributes:

  • The reference to the substance in Granta MI. These attributes are all populated if data for them exists in Granta MI.

  • The amount of the substance in the parent item and the threshold above which it is impacted.


>>> result: MaterialImpactedSubstancesQueryResult
>>> substance = result.impacted_substances[4]
>>> print(f"{substance.cas_number}: {substance.max_percentage_amount_in_material}")
1333-86-4: 20.0 %
property record_history_identity: int | None#

Record history identity.

property record_history_guid: str | None#

Record history GUID.

property record_guid: str | None#

Record GUID.

property cas_number: str | None#

CAS number.

property ec_number: str | None#

EC number.

property chemical_name: str | None#

Chemical name.

property max_percentage_amount_in_material: float | None#

Maximum percentage of this substance that occurs in the parent material. In the case where a range is specified in the declaration, only the maximum is reported here. None means that the percentage amount has not been specified, not that the amount is 0 %.

property legislation_threshold: float | None#

Substance concentration threshold over which the material is non-compliant with the legislation. None means that the threshold has not been specified, not that the threshold is 0 %.